Sunday, February 28, 2010

Desks, of all things

I am one who regards the surrealist/futurist movement as one of the most profound enterprises of all time. The dough of an idea starts as a bland and wanton lump, but when other elements are added, other spices are combined, some kind of unmitigated, almighty bread comes forth. It's the directness of the connections from art to fashion- fashion to art. Everything was looked at as a art. Everything had a superior concept behind it. The surrealists took perception and added a drop of psychology. Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer (1890-1973), collaborated with Salvador Dali, taking a few of his artworks to literal terms.

Friday, February 26, 2010

You have no idea how important your expression is...

Be careful.

Qui etes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

A film by William Klein. Polly Maggoo, a french model is followed by a camera for a french television show in search of finding out who she is. The film becomes more and more bizarre, terrifically surrealistic, and jarring as time goes on. Polly is seen flying over roof tops with an unidentified prince, dancing and singing about animal crackers, and as a young girl screaming and tap dancing. Definitely a must see.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


White often symbolizes new beginnings. A new alpha, a new wave rolling towards the shore. Baby lambs are being born, Spring is coming, and everything will soon change. I am overcome with the feeling that everything will be okay. Editorials are making great use of the color white and tying it in with Spring, as always. Magazines all over the world are putting their trust in a simple pigment- white. Winter dies; the white snow turns to brown, offal, rubbish! ... But subsequently, the grass is reborn, the flowers found, reawakened, and reclaimed! Bunnies will play, dresses will be worn without stockings, and high-heel sandals are ultimately once again permitted.

[Vogue Nippon March 2010]

Saturday, February 20, 2010


We all know that dreary and often drafty antique store that goes by, making it's way in the world as an old stale collection of dusty things, occupied by the elderly. However, sometimes what is and what should be agglutinate together in a parallel universe called "life".

"Hello, how do you do there, antique store? I've come looking for something, anything that you have to offer from your deep despairs."

Many minutes accumulated but eventually lead to something rather interesting. An oddly shaped pearl necklace, tinted with yellowy-green. A ring with a properly working watch face on it.

It just goes to show, life is spontaneous. You never know what you'll find whether it be a piece of jewelery in an antique store, or a new friend met in an unexpected place.

Friday, February 19, 2010


If there was a fashion goddess who lived on the moon, she would spin gently structured organza cotton candy while watching over the other planets. She let out a giggle and subsequently create voluptuous jelly-fish-like ruffles in her pale colored tulle. When she was feeling passionate about something, she'd simply part her blossom like lips, and out would come the most luscious red colored ball gown that anyone had ever seen. The soft yielding feathers she changed out every night in place of her pillows would later be reconstructed into delicious baby doll dresses. Is this goddess of the moon Marchesa?

[Marchesa Fall 2010]

Sunday, February 14, 2010


What do sierras of ugly, muted, and old snow add up to? Ennui. Sometimes, this ennui can be useful. Rather than becoming a lethargic slug, one's brain goes into survival mode. Forget about laying around, forget about monotony! Out of ennui, hatches a golden egg of creativity. Boredom often leads to resourcefulness at it's best.

With my abundance of time I decided to make some earrings.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Death is a Star

Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his London home on February 11, 2010. A man whose talent was appreciated throughout the industry, whose work was revered around the globe as art, whose imagination was boundless, without constraint or inhibitions. What the world lost when McQueen left, yesterday morning, was inevitable and fated inspiration. What Mcqueen's close family and friends lost yesterday was Mcqueen as a person. It's undeniable that Mcqueen pushed boundaries with his garments. With his costumey garb and nigh fatal footwear, Mcqueen will not be forgotten. Yes, one of the great icons of fashion is gone. But what will come of this is the greatest respect of his body of work. Mcqueen left behind his art, and that's one thing that will never perish. Let his death only immortalize him. Let the name of Mcqueen be heard, and let it be canonized.