Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion through a postcard

Vintage Postcards are pretty interesting things. They are often at first glance, banal things, but once read and unwound, the history that uncoils is rather startling. A scrutiny of the future. From these postcards, words can be uncovered. Histories can be confabulated. Images can unravel other worlds. This particular postcard, happens to be from 1909. Written by a woman who traveled overseas to go hat shopping in Paris, she exclaims with glee how her time is being passed.

"Paris- May 14th Shopping in Paris may be one long sweet dream, but trying on hats is more like a nightmare. We have tried on tubs, peach-baskets, and umbrellas- the result is I have a "creation" that Guy says looks like a flower garden running riot. Love to all- Anna G."

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