Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Essentials

The ingredients to a good magazine editorial are actually quite simple. A good editorial must first consist, and be based on, the pure rules of aesthetic value. Is it beautiful? Is it interesting? Shocking or ugly in a way that makes one reel back in horror but come back to realize that there is still remaining beauty in the image? Could the image stand on its own as a piece of artwork? Often times, a figure wearing beautiful clothing against a mid-tone gray background is not enough. Sometimes the beautiful clothing begs to be overpowered by a paramount theme or background. A reclusive facade of fashion frontier is the perfect editorial. Often like fine art; inaccessible and intimidating to those who do not understand it.

Too many classless tattoos of inky butterflies and jumbled words aspiring to be some kind of poetry spattered across people's lower backs have made the creature lose much of its original innate beauty for me. However, in this editorial, the butterfly's beauty and grace are astounding. Butterflies should really only be dealt with by Alexander McQueen, Italian fashion magazines, and the hands of children. No tattoo artists, please.

Photos from Marie Claire Italia, June 2010.