Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hell0 there!

A blog!
I've decided this will be a fashion and art blog. Fashion by my opinion, art work of mine, and art work of real artists as well.
A few current fashion obsessions and must haves of mine:

The Jennifer Ouellette turban headband. I know it's a bit eccentric, but i love it. Worn well with a nice shift dress of dressed down with a pair of tweed wide-leg trousers, I think it would look amazing.

This chunky knit scarf by Giles struck me as ultimately unwearable, but it subsequently grew on me. I went to my local knitting shop in search of the perfect tools and yarn to make my own less expensive version. It turns out it's very hard to find yarn even half that gauge! Giles designed under the label of Mulberry making handbags beforehand with a partner. New York Fashion magazine stated that the style of Giles is "The perfect blend of whimsy and wow." I couldn't put it in better words myself.

I am now temporarily destitute of informative fashions. I leave you with a piece of art work, by myself.