Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, I've decided to come back into the blogging scene again. Yeah yeah, i never really was in, was I? Just one post... But it's summer and my days are filled with less and less things to do and more and more time for new things. So why not? So like any fashion addict i managed to get a polyvore account. I LOVE that website. Here's my link for blogging's sake. I mean, that's what bloggers do right?


Here are a couple sets I've made --

Polyvore in my opinion is much, much, more interesting than facebook or myspace.
The only thing is... I think I've made so many that people are getting sick of my style. Because now i barely get any favorites. I guess 5 to 6 sets a day was overdoing it. But hey, that's me. Always overdoing it!