Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pastry tips....
Nine West patent leather sling-backs...

I still have to work on getting some of the excess glue off.

Fall fashion... more more more!

Snaps for Benji... Benjamin Cho is an artiste.

Sonia Rykiel never can disappoint. How curious...

Fall/winter fashion 2009
THE LIST-- (in toujoursenvogue's opinion)

hats, round glasses, any other kind of glasses, formal skirts, artsy/indie teeshirts, fur, chunky heels, CONSTRUCTION, texture! (feathers, ruffles, fur, which ever you prefer), peep-toe shoe boots, mary-janes, stars and moons, headbands, doc martens, cardigans, acid wash, hero theme, latex, studs.

It's too good.

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