Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shoe gazing... inspriration

"Change your shoes, change your life."

I would LOVE to do this one day. Go out and primarily look at people's shoes and take pictures. It's too bad the only thing I'd get around here is pictures of tennis shoes and Birkenstocks.

I love the look of Balenciaga's f/w 08 shoes. But to my surprise many people are saying they look "wearable"? Okay, look at the sharpness of the shoe, that alone should indicate discomfort. Pointed heels are never that comfortable, obviously because our toes and feet are not naturally that shape. Look at how thin the heel on the 2nd one is. The first heel isn't as thin, but it doesn't exactly look comforting. So in conclusion, yes, the Balenciaga heels are WEARABLE. If you love large amounts of pain.

Image sources: jakandjil, google