Sunday, June 22, 2008

Those Crazy Things...

About a month ago I ordered a pair of Vegas High waisted leggings from American Apparel. Unlike the lame' ones, they're sparkely. I used to want to buy the other ones, but i grew tired of seeing them all over the place. When the vegas leggings arrived in the mail I realized they have a hologram pattern ON black. Which isn't a problem, unless you stare at them very closely, the start to look a little strange. and boy are they TIGHT.

Well I still haven't actually found anything to wear them with. I was thinking of trying some type of geek chic outfit like Iekeliene Stange. But it turns out it's way harder to put together an outfit like that than it looks. There's always just something missing.

now my gold vegas high waisted leggings sit in my room next to other eccentricities. Care to take a look?

That's right. A real feather boa, vegas leggings, and a mink scarf including four mink heads. Imagine if i wore them all together...

Image sources: jakandjil, me