Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicest of them all

Lately, I've been looking at a lot of blogs that have street style photos. Many of which are based in other countries. Which made me question myself "What is the chicest city of them all?". The first thing that comes to mind when just hearing this question is Paris, probably just because chic and Paris and used as words so much together. I think it's cliche to say that Paris is the chicest city. I am by no means denying Paris of any style credit. But it's kind of like when you're talking to someone about something and they go on and go about how something everyone knows is best. Like they know only the beginning of the subject of what you're talking about and they haven't dug any deeper. Paris is only the beginning of chic! In my opinion, Milan is just as great! I remember watching a recent episode of America's Next Top Model where the girls traveled abroad to Italy and seeing the italian women standing on the street and just thinking WOW. Luxe furs, beautiful patent heels, elegant reading glasses, and all so effortlessly. Here are some of my favorite photos of Milan street fashion:

Despite Milan's fabulous street style, I still can't resist Paris during fashion week.

SO what do YOU think? What is the chicest city? Or is it undefinable?

Image sources: jakandjil, Sartorialist,