Monday, June 23, 2008

I often change the style of my wardrobe. For this coming school year I think I'm going to be wearing a lot of formal skirts with tee shirts. Something like this:

I just love how you can pair an indie tee shirt with a skirt and it looks so put together. Of course the knotted headbands and bags help out. Another thing i really want to experiment with is a dress or skirt with feathers on the bottom. Unfortunately real feathers are very expensive and it's super hard to find anything with fake feathers. I do have a real feeather boa and I actually tried wrapping that around my bottom as a skirt. hahahahaha! I looked like some rare exotic bird. And i do not mean that in a good way. So I have taken on the task of making a skirt myself! I got a simple skirt pattern at the store and after i finnish with it I'm going to sew feathers on it. It should be interesting. Pictures to come!

Some examples of feather skirts: