Sunday, October 26, 2008

Like an electric eel...

I've come to the astonishing realization that I need more pants in my wardrobe. I have two pairs of jeans (black and gray), and two pairs of American Apparel leggings. I don't know how it ended up this way... But now that it's getting colder, I'm really starting to crave a couple more pairs of pants. I want a pair of pants like those below:

Sahaaaaara pants!

I actually hate them and love them, both at the same time. They're so structural and avant-garde... Very Comme Des Garcons. But then again, they do look a little like a stretched out diaper attached to a pair of leggings. I recently bought a pair of harem pants, maybe I'll restitch them to represent something like above. I have a feeling I'm not going to be wearing either pair of pants very often anyway.

Image Source: Hoyfashion, OakNYC