Friday, November 28, 2008

Brown Shoes

Usually I frown upon brown shoes. One can't wear them with black, so that's a major pain. I used to have these brown flats with a bow on them and every time I wore them with a dress, they made my feet look like stretched out fudge chunks. Another thing that comes to mind when I think of brown shoes is: Birkenstocks! Not the best looking shoes in the world, but they're really good for feet.

So, I was browsing the Marni website the other day, and I saw a pair of brown shoes. The difference is... I didn't disregard these shoes like I would with any other brown shoe. I wanted these. Somehow Marni has managed to make me want a pair of brown shoes!

Look at this beautiful thing! The brownness looks like marbled caramel!
"Pump in eroded calf leather. The alcohol wash treatment after dyeing creates a fading shades and vintage effect on the leather."
*GASP* I love it!!