Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zac Posen x Pamela Anderson

Posen's collection appealed to me because of the grandeur of the fabrics; the escalated elegance, despite the recession (that seemed to affect all other fashion shows but his). Black and gray were definitely prominent colors, but they did not make one have the feeling of wanting to say in all day. It was rather the opposite; his clothes make one want to go out ballroom dancing! Something I've noticed about his shows, a good thing, is that he shows a lot of diversity in his models. People from all different places, all different races. It makes the show beautiful. Perhaps the best part of the collection? The Pamela Anderson collaboration. Studded braids adorned the models heads as dainty floral earrings with small or very very large spikes emerging from the bottom swung from the models delicate ears.