Sunday, May 3, 2009

It must have been the work of Paul Poiret

To sum up the work of Paul Poiret, it would be reasonable to call him fashion's last great orientalist, as well as fashion's first great modernist. For each century has a designer that defines it above all, Poiret stood as the trophy of the 1910s. Each article of clothing contains vivid color formalities, puzzling silhouettes, and fantasies oriented from the eastern world. Some would argue that Poiret actually built the blue plan for the modern fashion world - entangled with the first bit of modern fashion marketing. For it was Paul Poiret who decided it was best to use the stage to his advantage and hold a fashion show. And then the 1920's came, diminishing Poiret as a designer and further leading to the complete closure of his business. Subsequently, Chanel took over the world.