Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Strange Music Videos of Brigitte Bardot

Most people know of Brigitte Bardot as the sunbathing 1960's icon from France. But the ballerina turned actress/model also had a very quirky singing career. Accompanying this career were a series of bizarre music videos, each one being very peculiar in very French way. Bardot may not have been a musical genius, but her songs are quite "catchy", and they do have something charmingly cute about them. Bardot's videos and musical career will live on forever in an air of idiosyncratic, wacky, but quintessentially French way.

Her Harley Davidson music video must have been the inspiration behind the recent Chanel Resort Collection finale - Georgia May Jagger on a motorcycle.

Go here to see the Harley Davidson video, since I cannot embed it...

Of course, the original comic strip video is better than the "making of", but i couldn't find one that I could embed. You can find the original on youtube if you're interested.