Saturday, August 23, 2008

Really really cool things.

I found this:

I think it's from vogue paris, but I don't really know. The text is very small and hard to read. Why is this image so perfect? Every girl in the shot is sporting those Balenciaga boot/shoes that I love dearly! That should be reason enough... But then take the dark lips, vintage waves of glam hair, and beautifully colored full circle skirts! THIS image is so inspiring, I've taken on the challenge of created a dress closely resembling the skirts. But I'm thinking brocade...

Also, HOW cool is a lip stick that looks like a dagger? I read in Nylon that in some time period ago, women under 40 wearing dark lipstick were considered to be using a ''weapon''.

So, I have these lists where I write down things I want to buy -- fashion wise, and also things I want to make. I've never gotten around to making my lego marc jacob esque belt or headband... But I found a bracelet online that I might order! Or I might just go out and buy legos and starting making things, maybe geometry extra credit? aha

Image Source: sephora, junkie lovers