Friday, August 8, 2008

Vintage tattoos and such

Usually, I am not a fan of tattoo print clothing. Actually most of the time I reel back in horror upon seeing it. Especially those Ed Hardy t-shirts. Oh, God help anyone who pays more than $100 for something like this:

Earlier, I was making my rounds of online shopping(believe me there are NO good stores around where I live) and I saw this in the new arrivals section at Betsey Johnson:

I have to say I really "dig" it. From far away the heart things sort of look like Jupiter or something. Betsey Johnson, I love you. Another thing I've never liked until it's been Betsey-fied. I'll have to add that to the list along with blue leopard print and black corset mini dresses.
I remember seeing a similar dress while looking at the fall 08 runway photos on, and it was paired with knee socks! Which in my opinon made the whole emsamble look 237489734X cuter than ever.

Image source: nordstrom, betsey johnson