Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ahhhh Fall

I can't wait until it actually gets colder and I can start wearing Fall clothes. You know why? Fall just smells good. It's very crisp smelling. Sometimes in reality it's not (Wet leaves and dreary weather?). You know those editorials in teen vogue that depict people at football games wearing nice cozy buffalo plaid jackets and clean stovepipe jeans? Or what about rockabilly? WHAT a challenge it is to try to pull a rockabilly style off. BUT what I'm saying is - football is disgusting. The people that go to football games look disgusting. Being crunched up to some passive aggressive football fan who screams their lungs out and nearly spills their ample topped hot dog on you is disgusting. Yesterday I was looking at an old Teen Vogue and the football game editorial smelled good- it had that mmm fall fashion smell to it... Whatevah.

ANYWAY, I found the rest of my favorite editorial (as far as clothing styling goes). Le
leçon de mode!!!

I tried not to post the ones with a lot of nudity. Because I know it offends some people. Do I really have to apologize though? It you don't like it, don't look at high fashion. I try to ignore it. It's obviously not the subject of the editorial, the CLOTHES are!! Look at her over sized sequin beret! Tres mignon!

Image Source: fotodecdent