Sunday, September 14, 2008

Leatha Leggings

Today I will be ordering a pair of faux- leather leggings online. I figure once you've wanted something for over a month, you should probably just go ahead and buy it already! I was thinking of the variety of ways to wear them, when i came across THIS editorial! Latex, latex, latex. I smell a new trend...

The second photo is by far my favorite. At the moment I'm listening to the music on the website. Everybody should check it out! Because what's better than French tee shirts, hello kitty robots, expensive perfume, and rad sneakers? NOTHING, absolutely nothing. And don't forget those avant-garde clothes destined to be photographed on super cool people and put up on street style blogs across the universe. Yes, they're the store that sells those leather jackets designed by electro duo JUSTICE. And they're the store that plays Digitalism. And they love Fafi!!!!!

Image Source: fotodecadent, flickr