Saturday, July 12, 2008


Maybe you enjoy pawing through masses of photos on thecobrasnake to find interesting things?

Maybe you prefer icanteachyouhowtodoit?

Party photo/hipster scene websites have been popular for a couple years now. I admit I used to browse thecobrasnake everyday looking for Cory Kennedy's most recent outfit innovations. Cory Kennedy went from being in photos on the internet to being in magazine editorials and make-up and hair ads. Some CK photos from magazines:

Why do we look at these sites? I don't know, but the people in the photos give off such an "I don't care" vibe. But it probably takes a decent effort to find those '90s jeans and buffalo flannel plaid shirts. I certainly agree that some of the photos do have very interesting people in them, and that is why I occasionally look at these sorts of websites. But, really, are the people in the photos just losers? Do they go out and party every night and hope to score magazine editorials like Cory Kennedy? Desperate for fame? Eh?

While reading V magazine I came across an article about a certain blog that resembles a party photo site. Only they're stationed in Japan, and these people look more than eccentric. Look at these lovely weirdos!

I love the green feather hat the girl in the first bunch of photos in wearing! ldsjgsldjg! Real weirdos, it's refreshing really.

Image Source: cobrasnake, icanteachyouhowtodoit, fashionramone