Wednesday, July 2, 2008

you are my sunshine

Everytime I see a cute or interesting pair of sunglasses I almost purchase them. But I don't. And that's because however many sunglasses I have I never wear any of them. They sit on the corner of my dresser staring back at me. I know so many people that have TONS, much much more than me, of sunglasses. Most people have one pair that they wear sometimes and a couple others that just sit. This summer I haven't bought one single pair. Now, there are some people who indulge themselves totally in wearing sunglasses. I don't know anybody personally, but you know those pop culture celebrities that wear their sunglasses everywhere they go. A lot of girls at my school have knock-off Chanel sunglasses, but they don't actually wear them. They carry them around like some sort of treasure.

Anyway, if i were to have my choice of any sunglasses out there, regardless of whether I'd wear them of not, I'd pick these lovely Sonia Rykiel sunglasses:

Besides sunglasses, lately I really want a change of wardrobe. I really want to wear something like this:

It's unlikely I would ever wear heels like that though. I've been trying to find a romper for ages, but all of the ones I spot are either out of price range or really look quite ridiculous.

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