Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I love this photo editorial from vogue italia jan. 2007, but I'm not sure if it's because of how weird it is or what. It's definetly different from anything I've ever seen.

I guess it's showcasing the alter egos of internet and webcam. There's the gothic-lotita, the ghetto girls, the paris hilton slut type(sorry), discotheque girl, some girls from boarding school, party animals, freaks, ravers, what ever your preference.

So besides the editorial I think I see a new thing for fall 08 fashion. Instead of turban headbands and wraps, I think the towel wrap is coming in. Circa 1930s, I saw a picture for an upcoming film on the website for V magazine.

Perfectly illustrated. It reminds me of lounging poolside, flask in hand, Hermes birkin bag ready to go. I know I'll still wear my turbans. I even finished sewing one last night. But wearing something like the above wouldn't be so bad either.

Image source: fashionbox, V